Full Service Solutions


From custom design to finished innovative high quality plastic products


We work with best-in-class

design partners to deliver exceptional value

  • We are partners with an industrial design firm with deep experience in the entire product development process; with a specific focus on bringing packaging innovations to South Africa
  • We deliver people-focused, intuitive and innovative solutions that connect closely with our customers
  • We have specific expertise and experience in beauty packaging and design for manufacture
  • Our partner is a Red Dot Design Award winner with more than 13 years experience in helping bring over 120 products to market.


careful consideration of usability and manufacturing

SB Packaging Factory

SB Packaging

  • Packaging specifically designed for ease of stacking and transport
  • High quality requirements with clear real-time assessments and tracking
  • Close to customer’s factory for ease of delivery and stock management.


  • Packaging arrives on site as just-in-time delivery, where required
  • Easy feed into ongoing filling and labeling operations
  • On-site observation and feedback gathering to optimise designs.
Retail Outlet

Retail Outlet

  • Packaging allows for effective display on shelves and provides clear customer benefits
  • Bundles and samples can easily be accommodated
  • Recycling options have been taken into account.

Our One-Stop Plastic Manufacturing Solutions

Plastic Injection Moulding

Solid plastic part production. We custom-design plastic products by injecting heated material into moulds specially designed for our clients, such as parts for torches and security gates.

Injection Blow Moulding

Hollow plastic part production. Heated plastic is poured onto a croe pin. The pin is then rotated, plastic inflated and cooled to form products such as plastic bottles and containers.

Mould Manufacturing

Custom plastic part production. Unique moulds are created for clients and will only be used for their products such as cosmetic containers for major retail brands.